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Kids Massage

Kids Massage

Caring, gentle and nurturing 

  • 10 years' experience working with children
  • Soothing, relaxing and healing
  • Family-friendly clinic

Myotherapy for Kids, or Paediatric Massage, is a gentle form of massage.

Touch is our first sense to develop. It’s fundamental for our growth, development and regulation. It shows love and affection.

Paediatric massage stimulates and enhances this sensation.

Massage is suitable for kids of all ages including:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Kids
  • Preteens
  • Teens
  • Young Adults

Why do kids get massages?

Benefits of massage for children are vast!

  • Ease tension & pain that occurs during development — think of those yucky growing pains
  • Manage sports injuries such as tennis elbow
  • Improve posture — important for handwriting and physical alignment
  • Stimulate cognitive & motor development
  • Decrease stress & feelings of anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Tone muscles in children with weakness or spasticity
  • Regulate sensory systems in children with Down syndrome, diagnosed on the spectrum or with sensory processing disorder

It may also reduce blood sugar levels, help with growth & repair and stimulate the immune system to fight off bugs. There’s a lot we are still learning about the vast benefits.

What techniques are used for kids’ massage?

There are lots of techniques which may be used. It depends on your child’s age, development and complaints.

  • Baby massage
  • Gentle pressure massage
  • Sports taping
  • Stretches
  • Cupping therapy
  • Home exercises

What does a baby massage involve?

Gentle, gliding strokes along the tummy, spine, arms and legs. Think deeply relaxing and soothing.

I’ve had massages before and it was painful. Will it be the same for my child?

No. Particularly for young children, it’s the touch rather than the pressure that has many wonderful benefits.

Older children and teenagers may start to develop sports injuries and growing pains. These may require a little more pressure. The amount of pressure is adjusted to the child’s physical and emotional development.

 If your child does pull up a little tender, it’ll only last for 24 - 48 hours. This is part of the body’s healing process.

About your paediatric Myotherapist

Kristen loves working with kids. She’s a loving Aunty and has 10 years experience as a Myotherapist and a gentle chiropractor.

Types of Kids Massage Appointments

First Appointment: 60 minutes

Regular Appointments: 30 - 60 minutes

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Kids Massage at Body and Brain Centre

  • Highly experienced team
  • Soft treatment tailored to your child
  • Range of therapies used

“To me, there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.” - P. T. Barnum

Please contact us if you have any questions.