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Back to School Health Checklist

18 January, 2021

Back to School Health Checklist

Simple tips to wear and pack your child's backpack

  • Wear your backpack with both straps on
  • Wear the chest and waist straps
  • Only pack essential items
  • Pack heaviest items at the back of your bag, closest to your spine
  • Reduce time wearing a backpack

Healthy Lunches

  • Pack a drink bottle as a reminder to stay hydrated
  • Don't forget nutritious snacks
  • Include the kids in the prep and packing. For example, do you want an apple or banana today?
  • Want healthy solutions for the whole family? Speak with your naturopath or dietitian.
Class Room - Body Brain Centre
School classroom

Classroom Posture

  • Sit with shoulders relaxed and back
  • Avoid slouching, keeping your back against the chair
  • Keep both feet on the floor
  • If you are concerned about kid's posture, get them check by a paediatric-trained chiropractor

Limit Screen Time

  • Limit leisure screen time including TV, computers, tablets & phones

Exercise Daily

  • Kids should exercise for 60 minutes daily

Get your Health Checks

  • Have you had a check & clean at the dentist?
  • Has your child's posture & alignment been checked by a paediatric-trained chiropractor?
  • Have you had your annual vision check with the optometrist?

Helpful Resources

Appointments available in Moonee Ponds or online.