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Terms & Conditions

Body & Brain Centre: Terms & Conditions

Reschedule Policy

Please note we require 24 hours' notice to avoid a 50% reschedule fee. We acknowledge that your time is as important as well. As such, we offer a 50% discount if we have to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled start time.

Patients who do not arrive or provide less than 3 hours notice to their scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of their appointment fee. We also require that you prepay for your next appointment to avoid this happening again.

In cases of emergency or sudden illness, please let us know so that we can re-adjust our expectations.

This fee is to be paid in clinic, credit card over the phone or via EFT prior to your next appointment or within 7 days, whichever date is sooner.

At the end of each month, we will chase up any unpaid invoices. If payment hasn't been received within three months, further action will be taken, including debt collectors. Accounting fees (see below) will also be charged for payments received late.


Payment is due immediately following treatment. If you are relying on funds from Private Health Insurance, WorkSafe, TAC (Transport Accident Commission) or CDM (Chronic Disease Management, formerly EPC - Enhanced Primary Care), please confirm eligibility prior to your appointment.

While we do have HICAPS facility available, the patient is responsible for full payment in the event of any HICAPS error or malfunction. We will then provide you with an itemised receipt enabling you to claim later.

Payments Made After Appointment

Failure to pay your account at the time of your appointment, or for Telehealth prior to your appointment, will result in a $5 account fee per week, or partial week. This is an accumulative fee for each full or partial week. For example payment received 9 days late will incur a $10 fee on top of your outstanding appointment and product purchases. This goes towards the cost of chasing up late payments.


Once a service has been completed, no refunds will be issued. Other than faulty or falsely advertised products, no refunds are available for products.

In the case of prepaid health consultation fees, refunds will be issued if there's more than 24 hours notice given. Less than 24 hours notice given enacts our reschedule policy. Processing fees are excluded from refunds, this is generally 2-3%.

Informed Consent and Pre-Consultation Paperwork

Please note that prior to your initial consultation we require the "Pre-Consultation Paperwork" to be completed and the informed consent to be signed. Failure to do this may place the patient and / or practitioner at unnecessary risk.

It is vitally important that the form is filled out in its entirety, even if you do not think something is relevant to your presenting complaint. Omission of information may result in incorrect or less appropriate diagnosis and / or treatment leading to a lengthier assessment process which will cost you both time and money.

To make the most of your appointment time please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out the form. Alternatively, we can email you a fillable PDF to be returned to us via email or brought in with you on the day.


To secure your appointment for our lengthier and highly sought after appointments, we require a deposit.

This deposit will be refunded (as per our refund policy) if you cancel your appointment with adequate notice.


We understand the difficulty of financial pressures and therefore allow payment concessions for Health Care Card and Seniors Card holders, full-time students and children under the age of 16. It is the responsibility of the patient to mention this prior to the payment of each treatment.

Please mention your concession eligibility prior to each payment.

Online Telehealth

Terms of Use

By using our website you agree to these terms and understand that they may be changed as we see fit.

You understand that telehealth is not suitable for emergency situations or when we deem you require further testing, such as hands on testing or referral for imaging or blood tests.

As with all healthcare consultations, your information is private unless we are suspended by a  court of law, you disclose intention or risk harm to self or other or to report suspected abuse or violence.

24 hours prior to telehealth consultations, 100% of the consultation fees must be paid. Refunds may be issued as per our refunds policy. Failure to pay prior to your appointment will result in a $5 account fee.

Informed Consent

As with any healthcare service there are potential risks associated with Telehealth consultations. We do our best to minimise these and predict that they are a low risk but you must be aware of these risks.

  • Delays in diagnosis and treatment may occur with technology errors (such as the connection dropping out)
  • Security protocols could fail. Find out more about our Telehealth software security here.
  • You understand that while we expect positive results from Telehealth consultations no guarantees or promises can be made.


Supplement Sales

Only valid while stocks last in the designated sale period. No further discounts applied.

Promotional Vouchers

Promotional Vouchers are only valid one per person on their first visit to the clinic. They can be used for any service at the clinic. Not redeemable for cash or products. No further discounts apply.

Bulk Billed Medicare Chiropractic Consultations

With a referral from your GP for an EPC / CDM appointment, you can receive bulk billed standard consultations. Initial consultations (the first consultation) still incur an out of pocket expense.

Only valid for standard chiropractic EPC / CDM consultations with Dr Rabiah Nuredini. Not available with other chiropractors at the centre.

Valid until 31/12/2022.

Social Media Voucher Giveaway

Vouchers given away in online social media competitions must be redeemed within 30 days from the date of draw.

If a voucher specifies a particular service or practitioner, that’s the sole service / practitioner that is redeemable for.

If no service is specified, then the voucher can be used for any services but is not redeemable for products.

Voucher may be gifted to a loved one for you or used at any of our clinics (unless otherwise specified).