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About Us

About Us

Body and Brain Centre empowers your whole family with lifelong health so you can live your happiest and most fulfilling lives. Unlike other clinics, our team believes in finding the best solutions for you - that’s why offer you a wide variety of practitioners and therapies.

  • Have you ever been to a health clinic and didn’t get the results you were looking for?
  • Did it feel like the same approach was used for everyone? You didn’t really feel heard. You didn’t get a personalized care plan, yet annoyingly, they kept asking you to come back for treatments.
  • Perhaps you didn’t like your practitioner. Or it felt salesy and you didn’t feel empowered to make your own choices.

These are common concerns we hear from people before their first visit to our clinic.

You’re looking for results

When you’ve spent years seeing different practitioners about your health, it’s easy to be skeptical about seeing someone new. It’s no wonder you’re worried about visiting another clinic. You don’t want to waste more time, money, and hassle - and still not get the results you’re after. You don’t want to waste another initial consult talking.

You want a personalised treatment

You’re sick of generic treatments and assessments. You are different from everyone else. You want to be truly listened to - and treated for your specific needs.

You want a place that processes rebates

It’s the worst having to save receipts and follow up yourself.

You love the idea of a place with all the people you need under one roof

If you need to see more than one practitioner, it would be great to share your story with one person - rather than having to repeat yourself.

You want a place the whole family can visit

You don’t want to get a babysitter just to go for your appointment - it’s easier if you can bring them along to a place that genuinely welcomes kids. And treats kids if they need too.

We hear you. And we want to help you.

What you can expect at Body and Brain Centre

  • Personalised care
  • A team effort
  • The whole family is welcome
  • We’ll process your rebates on the spot

Personalised care to help you feel better

We’ll listen to your concerns - and treat you at your initial consult. We don’t need x-rays or ultrasounds before appointments. Though if you have them you’re welcome to send them through. 

You might only need one session - especially if it’s a recent injury or pain. If your concern has been ongoing, it may take longer to treat.

For instance, certain causes of dizziness need one treatment - and maybe a follow-up to see how it’s going. Others with a history of dizziness may also have anxiety, gut issues, back pain, and more. All these need to be treated along with the dizziness.

  • Together we’ll create a care plan that outlines your treatment
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Follow up with you in between sessions if needed
  • Answer questions and support you throughout your journey
  • Give you the accountability you need to keep on top of your health 

We won’t overtreat you: Your time is precious. So is ours. We’ll treat you as long as you need to feel better - no more, no less.

A team effort for your health: under one roof

Let’s face it, who really has time to drive all over the place for treatment? Our gift to you is convenience and service. So whether you need pain relief, to lose weight, or de-stress, you’ll find us by walking through the one door.

The human body is complex. Our team is made up of practitioners who help people in different ways.

 When you speak to one practitioner - with your permission - we may share your concerns with other experienced practitioners in our clinic. This does a few things:

  • Offers different perspectives on the best way to help you
  • You don’t have to repeat your story to more than one person
  • You get more treatment time in your sessions (with less time explaining yourself)
  • Makes sure you get the right help, from the most suitable practitioner, if needed 

You can have the most impact on your health

We’re here as your health partner. But you are the champion of your health - and your family’s. We see you for only a short session a week, a fortnight, or a month. What you do outside the session will make the most difference. To feel better, faster, you can:

  • Empower yourself: commit to making small changes to feel healthy and happy
  • Complete home exercises and follow tips: so you progress between sessions
  • Set appointments and turn up for them: we’ll send you SMS reminders
  • Keep in touch: Let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way 

The whole family is welcome

We have:

  • A change table
  • Toys and books
  • A specially designed paediatric treatment room
  • Paediatric-trained practitioners

You’ll also walk into nice smells and a dimly lit environment - helpful for migraine sufferers and those who struggle with sensory overwhelm.

We’ll process your rebates on the spot

No more scrounging around for receipts and going out of your way to get money back into your account. We do:

  • Private health rebates (check what your plan includes)
  • Medicare rebates
  • And others 

What else you can expect from us

We’re constantly learning: There’s always more to know and to reflect upon our past experiences. Our practitioners often complete more certificates and courses than needed so they stay updated on the best ways to treat you. We always learn from your feedback.

We’ll be on time: Everyone is busy. Your time - and our practitioners' time is valuable. Being on time means you and others get a full appointment.

Follow up between sessions: We’ll write cards, call, or email to check in. We care for you and want you to be the healthiest you can be. We’ll also help you be accountable if you need that.

Who we are

Body and Brain Centre first opened its Moonee Pond doors and began treating families in 2016 The team is made up of male and female practitioners from many different modalities. We’re an approachable, caring, and friendly bunch.

We believe in community: we donate our time - and 5% of annual profits to charity, mentor students, run free educational workshops and seasonal events to help the community.

We believe life needs to be enjoyed: you’ll find us positive and happy to see you at every visit.

We believe results talk: we’ve built our business mainly on referrals.

We believe in telling it like it is: we’ll skip the mumbo jumbo so you can understand what’s going on with your health in plain English.

We believe you deserve to experience the best life has to offer through good health.

Health is more than just the absence of disease, pain and stress. Health is a state of well being full of abundant energy and happiness.

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Our Practitioners Are A Select Group Of Professionals

To connect with one of our therapists, and begin your journey towards a healthier more capable you, please contact us to work through a therapeutic plan.