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Current Events

Past Events

Resolving Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Presented by Accredited Practicing Dietitans Carla & Jet.

Learn to manage your IBS

  • What is IBS?
  • The four pillars of health
  • The link between an irritable bowel & an irritable brain
  • Low FODMAP diet
  • Reintroduction phase
Resolving irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) webinar

Gut health and brain function - what's the link?

Presented by Medical Research & Functional Naturopath, Olga Ischenko

Know your gut

  • How does the digestive system work?
  • Poor digestion explained
  • Common digestive issues

Microbiome: what is it & why is it important?

  • Composition and diversity
  • Difference between probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Health benefits in the gut and beyond (psychobiotics, estrobolome).

Gut-brain connection: how does the gut influence brain function and vice versa?

  • The vagal nerve
  • Gut, neurotransmitters and brain inflammation - anxiety, depression, mood.
  • How to improve gut-brain health and resolve symptoms

Women's Health Week

This year we are celebrating with online workshop series including:

  • Body positivity, diet culture and healthy eating with Dietitian Alex Sherman
  • Training with your cycle with Chiropractor Dr Tonilee
  • Learning to love yourself with Holistic Counsellor Chantelle
  • Postpartum Health with Chiropractor Dr Cassie (sold out)
  • Women's brain health with Neuro-Rehab Therapist Cassie
  • Pregnancy exercises with Dr Tonilee
  • Relaxation techniques for stress with Holistic Counsellor Chantelle (sold out)
Womens health week free presentations
Women's Health Week Free Presentations

My First Foods

Everything you need to know about introducing new foods to little people.

Tummy Time Workshop

Help make tummy time easy! This is a fun and interactive workshop where you'll learn about normal infant milestones and to recognise signs of suboptimal development.

Stress Relief Meditation

Learn about your stress reactions and meditations to leave you relaxed & rejuvenated.

Pregnancy Exercises

Chiropractor and prenatal Pilates instructor Dr Tonilee leads this interactive workshop.

  • The 3 exercises every pregnant women needs to do
  • The dos and don'ts for pregnancy
  • How to have a comfortable pregnancy, labour and recovery

Coeliac Disease & Gluten Free Diet

What you'll learn?

  • The difference between allergies, intolerances & Coeliac disease
  • What is gluten & foods its contained in
  • Hidden sources of gluten
  • Other health considerations for a Coeliac

Healthy Eating

Do you know what and how much you should be eating? You hear talks of a 'serve' but what does that really mean?

Our dietitians will discuss all this and more.