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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist Malinie standing in the garden wearing a white jacket, smiling at the camera
Clinical hypnotherapist, Malinie

Deep relaxation to achieve your goals 

  • Supportive and caring environment
  • Professional & experienced practitioners
  • Relaxing and comforting therapy

Your mind is powerful! Affecting your health, work and relationships.

Yet we aren’t taught how to fully command our mind. That’s where clinical hypnotherapy comes in.

Most of us would agree that our thoughts are powerful. We understand that our thoughts have an effect on our lives, yet most of us have never been taught how to fully use our minds. Many think that your mind is only thinking, solving and remembering, but in reality it is doing so much more.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a gentle, guided relaxation state. It may feel similar to a meditative state or how you feel as you are just about to fall asleep.The difference being that it is targeted towards achieving goals. Resolving a problem. Dealing with stress. Boosting well-being. Empowering you.

Hypnotherapy works to increase relaxation, concentration and focus.

Our qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists incorporate hypnosis with other techniques:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Covert Sensitisation

These enhance the effects of hypnotherapy to help you achieve your goals faster!

Caring Therapist
Caring Therapist

How does it work?

A magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun. Enhancing its power.

Imagine doing the same with your mind!

When we concentrate and focus our mind, we are able to use it more powerfully.

Hypnosis is the magnifying glass for your mind. Allowing you to use more of your mind’s potential. Coping with stress. Breaking habits. Improving sleep & confidence

How does it feel to be Hypnotised?

Peaceful. Relaxing. Soothing.

Some people don’t “feel hyponotised”. That’s because it’s a natural and familiar relaxed sensation.

Others report time slows down. Maybe feeling so relaxed that they feel little spaced out.

How you feel during hypnosis doesn’t change your results. You don’t need to experience a super relaxed state to get the benefits.

I’m worried, will I lose control?

Are you picturing a swinging pocket-watch putting someone to dazed state before they start clucking like chicken? That’s not what hypnosis is.

What you see on stage is just an entertaining performance. A well-managed and prepared environment with a pre-chosen (I mean “randomly selected”) audience member.

  • You will always be in control. 
  • You will not lose your inhibition. 
  • You cannot do anything that you have not consented to.
  • Your mind is simply relaxed. 
  • You are alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • You have the power to become fully awake and stop the session at any time.

What can I expect from a Hypnotherapy Session?

Note taking during hypno session
Note taking during hypno session

Hypnosis is an enjoyable, relaxing and safe experience. You are in complete control. Free to stop the session whenever you like.

You are in the driver’s seat. Your clinical hypnotherapist is just your navigator- calmly giving you directions. Recommendations. Suggestions. You can choose to accept those suggestions, or not. It’s in your hands.

During the sessions, you’ll sit in a comfortable seat with lots of cushions and a blanket if you feel a little chilly. You may choose to shut your eyes, or not.

Your clinical hypnotherapist will gently and slowly speak to you.

It may remind you of listening to a meditation session. However this session is just about you! Especially about your goals. Your life. Your desires. Breaking your negative thought patterns. Creating a healthy mindset.

More specifically, during your Clinical Hypnotherapy session we’ll:

  • Discuss your future goals and what you want for yourself
  • Unpack some of your key challenges and resistances to change
  • Analyse why you have not been able to attain your goals already
  • Explain how and why hypnotherapy works 

At the end of the session, you’ll feel a light sense of relaxation, freedom and positivity. You may notice changes throughout the day in your behaviour and state of mind.

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy help you?

Your professionally-trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist support people to:

  • Overcome anxiety and panic attacks
  • Address relationship issues, including break ups and new beginnings
  • Reduce dependency on cigarettes and alcohol
  • Gain control of weight and improve their relationship with food
  • Overcome fears and phobias including fear of flying, spiders, needles, heights and public speaking
  • Improve self esteem and confidence
  • Assist with insomnia and sleeping disorders
  • Break free from addictions
  • Work through self limiting beliefs

Can Hypnosis Help with Anxiety?


Hypnotherapy has been shown to be useful, especially when coupled with counselling sessions, for those with anxiety. Whether it’s generalised anxiety or a specific phobia such as needles or other nasties (Birnie et al, 2014).

Hypnosis has also been shown to reduce the body symptoms of anxiety such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (Häuser et al. 2016).

What is Gut Hypnotherapy?

Gut Hypnotherapy focuses on the gut-brain connection. It can help people suffering from intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome or abdominal discomfort.

Is Hypnotherapy based on Science?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is based on the field of clinical neuroscience. Hypnosis induces the brain into a relaxed but alert state known as the Default Mode Network. This is our brain’s autopilot. This involves parts of the frontal, cingulate and temporal regions of the brain.

The brain changes through neuroplasticity. And this is exactly what happens with hypnosis. Hypnosis rewires the brain.

Furthermore, clinical hypnotherapy is combined with other psychological techniques which are deeply embedded in psychological sciences.

About our clinical hypnotherapist

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist has a long history as a registered nurse. Her understanding of the body & mind connection drove her to clinical hypnosis.

You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you meet your approachable and caring therapist. You’ll feel supported and looked after knowing that you are in the right place.

Portrait of woman in green top and patterned scarf
Clinical hypnotherapist, Malinie

Clinical Hypnotherapist in Melbourne’s western suburbs

We’re based in Moonee Ponds and are visited by patients from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and beyond. Includes:

  • Altona
  • Ascot Vale
  • Brunswick
  • Coburg
  • Essendon
  • Flemington
  • Footscray
  • Maribyrnong
  • Moonee Ponds
  • Niddrie
  • Pascoe Vale
  • Williamstown
  • Yarraville
  • Melbourne

Clinical Hypnotherapy at Body & Brain Centre

  • Supportive and caring environment
  • Professional & experienced practitioners
  • Relaxing and comforting therapy

“The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make things outside your head.” Richard Bandler

Make a booking or contact us if you have any questions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy References

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