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Telehealth Appointments

Online Telehealth Appointments

Being stuck at home doesn't mean you have to let your health slide. In fact, this is the best to time focus on your health.

We've always had online appointments for interstate and rural patients - now given the current situation, we’re opening up online bookings for everyone. In Victoria, Australia - anywhere in the world. Our experienced, reputable, caring practitioners are here for you.

Research suggests telehealth offers high-quality care that can help you feel empowered to take a more active role in your health. The good thing about telehealth is it’s so convenient - you can access it anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about the cost and time of travel.

How telehealth works

Rather than see you in the same physical location, we meet you where you are - online. You can use your phone, tablet or computer from home, your office or wherever suits you.

We’ll meet using secure software made especially for healthcare, to maintain your privacy and security.

Examples of how telehealth works for typically face-to-face physical services


It’s hard to picture how chiropractic could be done online, right?

Well, your Chiropractor can assess how you move - squat, bend forwards, look towards the left and right. There's a lot we can learn about your body by just watching you during a video call.

If you have any new test results like x-rays & MRIs, you'll get an understanding of what they mean to you and how they are related to your pain. You'll then get given new rehab exercises to do and advice how to manage your injury.

Do you ice or heat?
Should you go for a run or give it a miss?
What stretches will ease the tension?

These are examples of questions we’ll answer.

Dietetics & Nutrition

Your Accredited Practicing Dietitian will assess your diet and eating habits. What are your health goals? What conditions are you suffering from - now - or at risk of suffering from later in life?

You'll then receive advice about how to achieve your goals through diet and lifestyle changes.

If weight loss or weight gain is a goal for you, you may need to do your own measurements. Otherwise, these consults offer the same wonderful service as a face-to-face consultation.

Holistic Counselling

This is easy! Everything can be done as it would at a face-to-face Counselling consultation.

We’ll listen to your concerns. Gain an understanding of how you feel. Then you’ll learn breathing, meditation and yoga techniques specifically tailored for you.

Online Hypnotherapy

Your clinical hypnotherapist will tailor a session around your goals. Weight loss. Quitting smoking. Finding focus.

You’ll leave the session feeling empowered and ready for change. You’ll be given home exercises to continue the progress.


Lots of questions will be asked. This gives a baseline understanding of where your health is at and what your goals are.

Your nails, skin, eyes are all a clue into your wellbeing. So you'll be asked to look at the camera for your Naturopath to see and assess you. Your tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan will be created and discussed.

What foods can you add to your diet to meet your micro and macronutrient requirements?
What herbs and spices can be added to foods for extra nourishment?
What can you drink to help reach your goals?

These - and more - are what we’ll help you with. In addition, a unique herbal blend or supplement regime may be recommended. For any products you need, we offer express delivery or pick up from our clinic.


There's plenty that can be assessed remotely:

How do your eyes move?
What's your reaction time like?
Can you follow an instruction?

From there, your home exercise plan will be updated. This may include:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Graded exposure therapy
  • Balance exercises
  • Muscle strengthening exercises 

Cancellations, Reschedules and Refunds

You have 2 options:

  1. Ask us to credit your account for your next appointment or product purchase. This is all tracked so your money won't be "lost" OR
  2. Get a refund

Note: If you plan to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us more than 24 hours notice to give others the opportunity for an appointment (see Terms & Conditions). It will also help you avoid late fees - this will be taken out of your prepayment and you’ll be credited with the remainder.

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