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5% of Profits Donated

13 January, 2021

5% of Profits Donated to Charity

Being born and bred locals, we love our community.

With the ups and downs of life, this community has always been here and supportive. Now we have the pleasure of returning the favour.

From the very beginning in 2016, over 5% of profits have been donated to charity. Even the pandemic and lockdowns haven't been able to stop us.

Certifying Documents

Our Chiropractors certify documents in exchange for a small donation.

If you have one or two documents, bring them in to your appointment. If you have a hefty stack, then please give us a call to see if we can accomodate you without impacting others appointments.

Giving Back Day

Every December, we host Giving Back Day. In fact, since the clinic has grown so much, we now host Giving Back Week!

Each of our practitioner's donate their time and expertise. All the takings from their day are then collated and donated to charity.

As part of this celebration of generosity, we ask our lovely clients to fill up under the Christmas tree. Over the years, we've donated 100s of toys and meals for those doing it tough at Christmas time.

Community Events

Our knowledgeable and generous practitioner love sharing their expertise. We host free community events such as Women's Health Week, as well as fundraising workshops like Lift Off! Tummy Time.

When the bushfires hit, we straight away jumped at the opportunity to help The Ascot Lot fundraise by donating $500 worth of vouchers.

Charities we Regularly Support

  • Caroline Auxiliary of the Royal Children's Hospital
  • Airport West's Helping Hands Mission

Thank you

A massive thank you to everyone for your contribution. Whether you come along to your appointments, attend events or make donations, it all helps. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

2020 Giving Back Day Donation
2020 Giving Back Day Donation

2020 Giving Back Day: donations loaded in the boot - what you can't see is that the car is also full up!

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