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Gifts the New Parents will Love

10 May, 2021

Gift Ideas for New Parents

Newborns deservingly get all the attention and gifts- however parents also need some love!

There'll be no shortage of cute toys, outfits and spew clothes gifted. In fact, many babies don't get a chance to wear all the gifted clothes.

The parents, on the other hand, are often forgotten. So how can you help?

New family
New family

Help around the Home

As a new parent, visitors will frequently come over for hugs with the baby. Being the perfect host, parents may offer a cuppa or some biscuits.

Instead, be the perfect the visitor! Flip the tables. Bring over food and make the tea for your new parents friends. Allow them some time to cuddle their precious newborn while you help around the home.

  • Meals - Stock up the freezer with nutritious meals - remembering to ask ahead of time if there's any food allergies or preferences. You can use free websites like this one to coordinate meals with other family and friends.
  • Groceries - Ask what’s needed, or if they are too overwhelmed to know what they need, start with the staples. Breastfeeding mums will have an increased appetite and thirst so healthy snacks are always a winner. Deliver it yourself or organise it.
  • Clean - Help out with the cleaning yourself or hire a cleaner to come over.
  • Laundry - Newborns come with lots of dirty washing. Pop a load on while you visit.
  • Handheld Vacuum - Yes this is a highly practical one. Once solids start, there mess multiplies ten fold.
  • Get organised - Spark joy in a new families life by helping to organise the baby's clothes into sizes. You might set up boxes labeled with the enclosed sizes or use closet dividers for hanging clothes. It'll feel good to have one part of the house organised.
  • Key Finder - You can get key and wallet finders for when parents are so tired they can't find anything. As the baby grows into an adventurous toddler, they'll able to find lost keys in the back of toy truck or a shoe.
  • Doula - Doulas are cheerleaders for new families. A postpartum doula will help take care of the baby and parents alike. They are trained to help with breastfeeding, settling to sleep and postpartum healing. They mother the mother to help her recover from pregnancy and birth as well as generally looking after the family.


New parents are physically and emotionally exhausted. Pregnancy and birth takes it toll on the mumma's body. During the early weeks and months, it's particularly important that new parents not only look after their baby but also themselves.

  • Shower - We are not talking about a party here, but actually cleansing. As a new parent it can be hard to bathe everyday - some days are just too difficult. Arranging a time to come over and hug the bubba while the parents shower.
  • Nails & hair - Organise a beautician to do a home visit or book in a the local salon while you take baby for a walk.
  • Physical healing - Pregnancy, birth and the many hours carrying a beautiful baby frequently result in stiffness and aches. Purchase a gift voucher or helping to book an appointment.
Tired mum falls asleep holding phone and baby
Tired mum falls asleep holding phone and baby
  • Meditation - Guided meditation or breathe work can help deal with the sudden, overwhelming changes and lack of energy.
  • Teas - Herbal teas have medical properties for healing, energy and even helping breastfed babies with colic. Some of our favourite teas include the Weleda or Love Tea. In fact, we serve these organic teas to our mummas when they come in to the clinic.
  • Coffee Subscription - There are some long nights, particularly early on. Get coffee beans delivered straight to where it's needed. Check out these local coffee subscription services.
  • PJs - Button down PJs are perfect for the long hours of breastfeeding overnight, particularly for winter babies. Keep in mind that while matching mums & bubs PJs look cute, most newborns will be living in onesies. This is time to pamper the parents and not the already spoilt baby.
  • Pillow - A pillow is a new parents best friend. Get a supportive, comfortable pillow for a more restful (broken) nights sleep.

Entertaining Gifts

The days are long but the years are short. Whoever said that is a genius.

Ease the long days of newborn bliss.

  • Movies - New parents spend a tremendous amount of time housebound or even booby trapped (unable to move due to long hours of breastfeeding). Having something that they can watch and unwind to in the first few weeks will fill in some of that time. Gift vouchers for streaming services or bringing over DVDs / blu rays (if they have a player!).
  • Headphones - Spotify's year in review isn't so fun when it's over 800 hours of waves or white noise. Give a bit of sanity with wireless headphones so that parents can listen to literally anything else! Parents will spend hours a day putting their little ones to sleep and pushing the pram. Listening to something stimulating or enjoyable can break up the mundane.
  • Portable Charger - There's only so many things you can do when stuck with a sleeping baby on you. Quickly your phone battery starts to dwindle. A portable charger can be popped into your supplies basket. Alternatively, a long corded charger for your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Books & Magazines - Bring over books, offer to go passed the library or purchase an audiobook gift voucher.


Who doesn't love an opportunity to indulge reminiscing about your baby.

  • My First Year - It's delightful to reflect on the first year of life. Unfortunately many new parents are too busy and too tired to fill out their My First book. Sit down with the family each month to fill out the book while they feed you the answers and you feed the parents some food.
  • Take Photos - Take photos of the baby and their mum and dad. Parents are frequently forgotten in photos. They'll have selfies but no nice portraits of everyday life: breastfeeding, baths, cuddles, sleeping in your arms. This will be the most appreciated gift!
  • Photoshoot - Organise a photoshoot with a local photographer and pay for some prints. The parents can get additional prints if they can't decide. A cheaper alternative is to set up a photoshoot yourself. Look online for inspiration and get creative!

Appointments available in Moonee Ponds or online.

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