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You can Body Hack too!

5 October, 2016

Did you see Todd Sampson’s Body Hack last night? Did you recognise some of the testing he had done?

In Todd Sampson’s latest documentary series, Body Hack, he uses his own body to test human potential. To achieve the greatest results he utilises cutting-edge science as a guide on his challenging journey.

This week, docile Todd fought in a professional Mixed Martial Arts competition after completing only two weeks of training, all without having ever been in a fight. To assist him on his journey, he went to one of the top MMA training institutes in the world who referred him to American Chiropractor, Dr Jerome Lubbe*.

Dr Lubbe used several tests from low-tech comparison of Todd’s left and right pupil sizes to highly specialised tests such as computerised balance testing and functional brain scans . Dr Lubbe explained to Todd that he was testing for “different functions in [his] brain from one side to the other.”

Todd having a brain scan

Brain wave activity

Brain scans at Body & Brain Centre

To check out this activity-based brain rehabilitation and Dr Jerome Lubbe (Chiropractor, DACNB) in action.

So how can you hack your own body? Look out for our next blog posts where we will discuss some tests you can do at home.

*Please note that Dr Lubbe is not a registered Chiropractor in Australia. He is registered in America where he practices at the Cerebrum Brain Centre.

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