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Moonee Valley Breastfeeding Resources

14 April, 2021

Breastfeeding Resources around Moonee Valley

Breastfeeding is a massive journey. There's lots of joys but there can be hard times too - what to wear, what pump to buy, where to get good quality help from. There's long hours where no one can cover your shift for you but every drop of liquid gold is building your baby's health, cognition and love.

Health Practitioners

Local Lactation Professionals

GPs with Breastfeeding Knowledge

Breastfeeding Related Allied Health

  • Our very own Cassie is a chiropractor trained in Thompson breastfeeding technique as well as currently studying to be a postpartum doula with training in lactation
  • Grow Physiotherapy - Lauren may use ultrasound for lactation concerns
  • Milk Mums - low level laser for mastitis & blocked ducts
Breastfeeding Cuddling into Breast
Breastfeeding cuddling into breast

Social Support

Out and About

Breastfeeding at cafe
Breastfeeding at cafe

Useful Shops

‘Breastfeeding Welcome Here’ Cafes

  • 42 Cafe & Bar - around the at 42 Puckle Street
  • Ascot Food Store - few hundred meters up the road from us 
  • Curators Collective Cafe - in Queens Park
  • Dans Cafe
  • Not Just Gelato

Parenting Rooms

  • Kmart Mall, Moonee Ponds — this is a personal favourite as there’s a little enclosed play space, breastfeeding chairs, change table, microwave, toilets. Added bonus it's so close to our Moonee Ponds clinic!
  • Airport West Shopping Centre
  • Highpoint West

Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to add to this list so it’s a useful resource for all!

Appointments available in Moonee Ponds or online.