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Cassie's QEEG Qualification

17 January, 2017

1 in 120 in the World: Cassie’s New Qualification

Congratulations to our very own Dr Cassie, Chiropractor, one of 120 practitioners around the world certified to perform functional brain scans. This is just another example of how Body and Brain Centre lead the way providing innovative care for our patients.

What are functional brain scans?

Quantitative Electroencephalograms (QEEG) or functional brain scans are a cutting-edge measure of the brain’s electrical activity. This information can then be compared to “normal” brain activity in someone of a similar age and sex.

The data obtained is then presented in a comprehensive written and verbal report with colour coded brain maps.

Blue areas represent areas of less activity in the brain’s electrical function and red areas more. Green areas lie within one standard deviation (see below) and represent the average brain’s electrical function.

You can book your functional brain scan at Body and Brain Centre online. It is important that we perform an initial Chiropractic neuro-rehabilitation examination prior to any functional brain scans. Functional brain scans are not necessary for everyone. This initial consultation will help Cassie understand your developmental and neurological history, current complaints and the function of your brain and nervous system through a physical examination.

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