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Department Of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Services

29 November, 2022

Department Of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Are you a Veteran? Do you hold a 'Gold Card' or 'White Card'? If so, you may be eligible to receive Chiropractic or Dietetic services here at Body & Brain Centre.

DVA Chiropractor

Chiropractor can help manage a range of musculoskeletal conditions, some of which can include:

  • Neck pain & stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain & Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain

Our Chiropractors can help get your whole body moving and working again. They aim to restore mobility and alleviate pain and muscle tightness.

DVA Dietitian

You may also see one of our Dietitians if you have an assessed clinical need. Your White card or Gold card will support you for this. A Dietitian can help you:

  • Assess your health and wellbeing
  • Help you to make better food choices
  • Help create a dietary plan for you to follow

How to make DVA claims for Chiropractors and Dietitians?

What you need to do first

To receive treatment under DVA, you will first need to obtain a referral. Since October 2019, referrals have changed slightly. These referrals are now under the Allied Health Services Treatment Cycle. This means that your referral will last for up to 12 sessions or 1 year, whichever comes first.

There are no limits as to how many cycles you have. 

This referral can come from:

  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Medical specialist like your neurologist, pain management specialist or cardiologist
  • Treating doctor (if you're in hospital)

How does payment work for DVA?

If you are eligible, we will invoice DVA directly. They will pay an amount that will leave you with a small out of pocket expense.

I'm seeing a few practitioners, is that ok?

Of course you can see all the practitioners that you need to. If you are receiving any other treatment from either a physio or osteopath for the same condition, you cannot receive Chiropractic at the same time. You will need to wait until your next treatment cycle.

If you are seeing another practitioner for another condition, you can claim for both practitioners but you cannot claim two practitioners in the same day. DVA will not cover you for that - they will just pay for one session a day.

I live in an aged care facility, does that change anything?

If you live in a permanent aged care facility, your eligibility may change for Chiropractic services. Be sure to check with DVA for more details.

Online Telehealth DVA Appointments

Since times have changed with COVID-19, there are a number of services that can be provided via Telehealth

Here at Body & Brain Centre, you can access both Chiropractic & Dietetics services either over the phone or via video call. Do remember you still need to obtain a referral just the same if you are having a face to face consultation.

Appointments available in Moonee Ponds or online.


  • White and gold cards may be eligible but you'll need to get a referral first
  • DVA will subsidise Chiropractic & Dietetics
  • DVA consultations available via telehealth

About the Author

Sarah - Practice Manager

Sarah is just a phone call away to help with any questions you may have. She has worked in private practice for over 15 years, and is here to listen. She can assist with bookings, finding the right practitioner and help you understand the claims process.