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Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Claims

5 February, 2024

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to seek medical advice & get checked as soon as possible. If you are injured from your accident, there are many services out there that can assist your recovery. 

Seeking services and treatment must be recommended by your doctor or health professional, and for your injuries that you received from the accident.

What Services Can You Claim with TAC?

Our practitioners are proud to offer care to victims of a motor vehicle accident. 

If your accident happened here in Victoria, and you have made contact with the TAC, you will be issued a claim number. This claim number will allow you to make an appointment with one of our practitioners. They will look after you and give you the most comprehensive care possible. You may be eligible to see one of the following.

TAC may cover your expenses for:

  • Chiropractic
  • Dietetics
  • Acupuncture
  • X-rays, CTs, MRIs or ultrasounds prescribed by your chiropractor 

Chiropractic for TAC Claims

Are you experiencing any:

  • Headaches?
  • Neck pain?
  • Back pain?
  • Dizziness?
  • Shoulder or hip pain?
  • Nerve injuries?
  • Leg or arm pain?

Your Chiropractor will sit down with you and discuss your symptoms. They'll then check your body - assessing your muscles, joints, nerves, posture and movement.  They will provide hands-on treatment and give you exercises / stretches to perform at home. Their comprehensive care can help you feel better again.

Chiropractors restore mobility as well as alleviate your pain and muscle tightness.

Chiropractic Low Back assessment

Dietetics TAC Claims

If after your motor vehicle accident, you have found that your weight has changed? Or maybe your eating habits have changed? Seeing a Dietitian may be helpful for you.

Our Dietitians can assist you with weight loss and weight management treatment. They can help create a dietary plan for you to follow. And help you to make better food choices.  They also may be able to help you with any special dietary requirements, or fussy eating.

They can help you get back on track to a happy & healthy lifestyle.

Acupuncture TAC Claims

Since your accident, do you have muscle injuries and or pain?

Maybe you’re not sleeping as well as you could be or experiencing insomnia? There might be stress from the injuries and claims process.

Acupuncture may be able to help relieve these symptoms. Your acupuncturist may use fine acupuncture needles, cupping, Chinese herbs, laser acupuncture or moxa.

Dietitian cutting up vegetables


TAC is temporarily offering 'telehealth' services. While this was in response to COVID it has been extended with no end date given. This allows you to access these services from the comfort of your home. This can be via the telephone or via video call. 

What telehealth is and how it works?

How to Claim TAC in the first 90 Days?

  1. Speak to TAC to get your claim process started. They will give you a claim number.
  2. If the accident was more than 90 days ago, you'll need to seek approval from TAC before seeking any rebatable treatments.
  3. Make your appointment. Bring with you any paperwork TAC provide including your claim number and date of the accident.

How to Claim TAC when it’s more than 90 Days After the Accident?

  1. TAC will need to pre-approve your request for funding. They will likely ask your practitioner to complete paperwork to support this.
  2. Once you receive approval for funding, TAC will tell you how many sessions that they will pay for.
  3. Make your appointment. Bring with you any paperwork TAC provide including your claim number, date of the accident and letter of approval.


TAC will generally pay the majority of your consultation fee. It will leave you with a small out of pocket expense. For the initial consultation it’ll be more. For our full price list, please check this out.

How is the payment processed?

We are happy to bill TAC directly, if we have your details and confirmation that TAC will pay. This will leave you just the out of pocket expense to pay upfront which Medicare or private health insurance may be used for.

If TAC reject your claim, then you’ll need to pay the full fee. Generally we’ll know this quickly - most likely at the time of your appointment.

If you don’t have confirmation from TAC, you’ll pay for the full consultation cost at the time of your appointment. Afterwards, we will give you your receipt with all the details you require on there to make the claim. TAC will reimburse you directly.

Processing with TAC

If we can’t bill TAC directly and you need to pay personal to be rebated, it’s an easy process!

  1. Take a photo or scan your receipt
  2. Submit to TAC via reimbursement form under 'upload documents' on myTAC app or email to
  3. TAC will pay directly into your nominated bank account

More Details

Want more information? Check out TAC's website here.

Appointments available in Moonee Ponds or online.


  • Have you been injured in a Motor vehicle accident? Do you have a claim number?
  • Get help today with Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Dietetics

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