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Remedial Massage

Targeted massage that gets to the source of your pain

  • Male and female therapists based on your preference
  • Experienced and qualified remedial massage therapists
  • Practical take-home stretches and exercises for better recovery

Do your neck and shoulders feel tight?

Does your back ache?

Feel stiff and tired?

It may be time for a remedial massage - massage targeted to your problem areas.

We use carefully selected massage techniques to help you manage injuries, pain, and help you with rehabilitation if needed.

What can your Remedial Massage Therapist help with?

When you sit for hours at a desk, you stand too much, or you have a sports injury, you might feel a bit off. You may begin to notice things like:

  • You can’t move your neck past a certain point: it’s tough doing head checks in the car
  • Your shoulders are rounded and your back feels tired when you try to pull them back
  • You have tight hammies but nothing seems to be working, not even yoga or stretching
  • Your shoulder, wrist, or back feels out
  • Your shins kill when you’re out for a run

As much as you try to ignore these, it’s hard when the pain never lets up. You can’t help feeling cranky and tired. It’s an effort getting motivated to go to work every morning. And it’s even worse when you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

An important part of treatment is finding out more about what is causing the problem and which muscles, joints, and connective tissues it affects.

We focus the massage on these areas. Then we give you helpful tips and take-home exercises that empower you to take charge of your own health in between sessions.

Our aim is to get you back to normal so you can get on with your daily activities easily and pain-free. Whether that’s running, sleeping, or sitting comfortably in your work chair.

9 reasons to see a Remedial Massage Therapist from Body and Brain Centre

  1. Professional and makes you feel comfortable from start to finish
  2. Formal qualifications from legitimate educational providers that are regulated for your best interests
  3. Experience in a range of settings so they have a good idea of what has worked for others with similar concerns as you
  4. Skilled at knowing when and how to safely use a range of techniques
  5. Knowledgeable with ongoing learning (and teaching) so you’re treated with the most relevant, updated techniques
  6. Simple explanations so you can understand your treatment
  7. Strong reputation as reassurance you’re being treated by the best in the industry
  8. Access to a clinic of health-related practitioners to give you true holistic care
  9. Take-home exercises or stretches empower you to get better faster in between sessions so you don’t have to see us as often

There are heaps of massage therapists out there.

Don’t risk your health with a hit and miss, cheap Scoopon deal or the 10 minute ‘quick fix’ in your local shopping centre.

You deserve a reputable, qualified, experienced massage therapist.

It might not be as easy to get an appointment with a good massage therapist, but it is safer, and you are more likely to get results.

What happens during a Remedial Massage session?

From the moment you contact us, your health is as important to us as it is to you.

You can expect:

  • A chat about your pain so we understand what’s troubling you
  • Simple exercises to check your movement
  • Easy to understand explanations so you know what will be done and why
  • Take home exercises and stretches so you prolong the benefits of your massage
  • A comfortable and professional environment so you feel taken care of

We’ll help you work out whether massage will be enough, or whether you might benefit from seeing another practitioner to complement your massage.

Got any results or reports?

Send us your:

  • X-Rays, MRIs, CAT scans
  • Any other results you’ve gotten from doctors or other practitioners

We’ll be able to get you back on track faster if we have the big picture. No worries if you haven’t seen anyone yet.

Our remedial massage therapists are fully qualified and are dedicated to finding the how, why, what, and where of your pain.

We’ll ask questions, and may even get you to do a few movements such as push, pull, or simply stand - so we have a good idea of what the problem is before we begin.

What kind of techniques do we use?

We may use one or a few of techniques such as:

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Isolated stretching
  • Generalised stretching
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Myofascial release
  • Dry needling (Glenn only)
  • Myofascial cupping
  • Manual lymphatic drainage

We’re trained and experienced to safely use these techniques. Every technique is explained and demonstrated so you’re comfortable before we begin.

TENS Therapy

Nerves carry messages from the brain to every cell of our body. The nerves tell the muscles to contract, the gut to digest, the heart to pump.

TENS machines stimulate the nerves to reduce pain. Or even to relax or rehabilitate muscles.

TENS and other advanced machines are used by our Chiropractors, Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists.

FAQs about Remedial Massage

Do you guys do private health rebates?

Our Remedial Massage therapist Glenn Halls is registered with every private health insurance company in Australia including: Medibank Private, BUPA, NIB, Australian Unity, Defence Health and many more. You may like to check with your health insurer to confirm your eligibility for remedial massage rebates.

Do you do deep tissue massage?


Do you do cupping?


Do you do dry needling?

Yes. Our massage therapist Glenn performs Dry Needling.

Do I really need to go back after my first session?

It depends on your situation - and how long you’ve had the pain or injury.

Pain often takes time to build up. For example, say you have tight shoulders and neck from sitting at your desk for 40 hours a week over the past 2 years. This won’t be fixed with one massage.

One massage session may help temporarily, but in some cases will work better with a treatment plan of several sessions.

Our aim is to get you feeling your normal self again, so you don’t need to keep coming back to us.

To do this, we’ll create a plan including take home exercises, stretches, and tips so you’re aware of what’s causing your pain and can manage it yourself.

Your suggested treatment plan may start off with more visits more often to get on top of the problem - then spaced further apart. For example, you might begin with a visit every 2 weeks for a month, then every 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks - until you reach a point where you book in only when you’re feeling off.

How long will the massage take?

1 hour.

Do I have to take off all my clothes?

No. Please keep underwear on at all times during your professional remedial massage session. You will be covered with a towel for any areas not being massaged and the room will be kept at a comfortable temperature.

I need a sports massage. Is this the best massage for me?

Yes. Our remedial massage therapists have experience with sport injuries and can set up a pre-training and post-training plan if needed.

Will I get an all body massage?

Not likely. We’ll focus on the top 2-3 areas you’d like us to help you with.

Remedial massage is not the same as a relaxation massage. If you’re after a relaxing, all-body massage, you may like to find a relaxation massage at a spa or other centre. If you’d like to get directly to the cause of your pain or injury, we are here to help

Do you do pregnancy massage?

Yes. Please check out our pregnancy massage page

Types of Remedial Massage appointments available

First appointment: 60 minutes

Regular appointments: 60 minute appointments are recommended for the vast majority of patients however 30 and 90 minute appointments are available upon request.

With Chiropractic appointments: 30 minutes

About your Remedial Massage Therapist

Currently recruiting

We are looking for our next superstar Remedial Massage Therapist. Find out more here.

Remedial Massage in Melbourne’s western suburbs

We’re based in Moonee Ponds and are visited by patients from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and beyond. Includes:

  • Altona
  • Ascot Vale
  • Brunswick
  • Coburg
  • Essendon
  • Flemington
  • Footscray
  • Maribyrnong
  • Moonee Ponds
  • Niddrie
  • Pascoe Vale
  • Williamstown
  • Yarraville
  • Melbourne

Remedial Massage at Body and Brain Centre

  • Qualified and reputable professionals with many years of experience
  • Relaxing and professional environment so you feel comfortable
  • Simple explanations and take home exercises empower you to take charge of your health

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."
- Shakti Gawain

Make a booking or contact us if you have any questions.

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