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Sprains & strains - what to do?

4 May, 2020

Sprains & strains - what to do?

Approximate reading time: 2 minutes

RICE, PRICE, RICERS, POLICE. There’s been a lot of advice given when you sprain your ankle or any other soft tissue injury.

Now we have another one to throw into the mix.

In the initial stages of an injury, first do no HARM and let PEACE guide your approach. Then after the first few days, the injury needs some LOVE.

Avoid HARM for Sprains & Strains

Avoid HARM for the first couple of days after an injury.

H - heat including hot packs, baths and saunas

A - alcohol prolongs the healing process

R - running or exercise which aggravates the pain

M - massage directly to the injured site. Elsewhere may be appropriate.

Let PEACE guide your approach to Sprains and Strains

For the first 1 - 3 days, use the PEACE principles.

P - protect from re-injury by reducing HARM

E - elevate the injury higher than your heart

A - avoid anti-inflammatory medication to allow healing

C - compress with taping or bandages

E - education on the benefits of staying active during the healing process

Give some LOVE to your Sprains and Strains

L - load the healing tissues to promote strong repairments

O - optimise your thoughts. Most injuries recover quickly!

V - vascularisation (blood flow) with cardiovascular exercise that is pain-free

E - exercise (rehab) to restore strength, mobility and brain control (proprioception)

Your Sports Chiropractor, Remedial Massage Therapist or Myotherapist can give you a more detailed plan and help guide your rehabilitation program.

Assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitation plan prescription and home advice can all be given via online Chiropractic telehealth consultations.

Or, of course - we have face to face appointments at our Moonee Ponds clinic too.

About the Authors:

Both Drs Tonilee & Cassie have undertaken the two year Chiropractic Sport Science certificate. They may assess your squat, adjust your gym program or massage while you move. Sports Chiropractors use a range of techniques according to your injury.