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Essendon & Strathmore

Essendon & Strathmore

Body & Brain Centre offers a holistic approach to your health.

  • Range of health offerings including remedial massage, chiropractic, and counselling
  • Open early mornings, evenings and weekends - of course also during the day
  • Face to face or online appointments available with rebates

The team at Body & Brain Centre help Essendon & Strathmore who have pain or injuries, pregnancy woes, anxiety or depression, irritable gutallergies or intolerances, troubling periods, dizziness - or simply want to be the healthiest version of themselves.

We can help you get quick results for short-term, minor problems. And support you with ongoing and complex problems. We’re here to help you in a confidential, supportive environment.

Partners on your health journey

We are honoured to be invited on your health journey. Expect us to give you tailored strategies to help you in between sessions.. We offer a team-care approach where, with your permission, we’ll share your ailments with our colleagues for perspective and insights to help you.

Let our compassionate and caring team look after you. You can expect us to constantly learn and explore the latest research, send you follow up advice. And check on you between your appointments. 


Physical Health

  • Chiropractic
  • Remedial massage
  • Myotherapy

Nutritional Health

  • Dietetics
  • Nutrition
  • Naturopathy

Brain Health

  • Vestibular & neurological rehabilitation
  • Neurofeedback
  • QEEG functional brain scans

Traditional Health

  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese medicine

Emotional Health

  • Counselling
  • Meditation

Read on for a brief description what each service may help you with.


What chiropractic can help with: Sports injuries, back pain, headaches, dizziness, alignment.

Head to toe - our skillful chiropractors treat the whole body. Our longer appointment times cater for massage, chiropractic adjustments (cracking or not) and rehab exercises.

Remedial Massage & Myotherapy

What remedial massage and myotherapy can help with: Swelling, body achesinjuries, muscle tension, stress relief.

Qualified remedial massage and myotherapy is more than just a massage. You may have dry needling, cupping, lymphatic drainage, kinesiology or Bowen therapy used.

Dietetics & Nutrition

What dietetics and nutrition can help with: weight loss, allergies or intolerances, diabetes, eating disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, gastro diseases.

Dietitians provide expert nutritional advice and education how to fuel your body appropriately. Your plan will set up incremental changes to make lasting changes.


What naturopathy can help with: Hormonal imbalances. Preconception, pregnancy and postnatal health.Stress & anxiety. Gut problems.

Naturopaths use diet, nutritional supplements, botanical therapy and lifestyle advice to tap into your body’s ability to heal itself. This holistic therapy treats the person and not the condition.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

What acupuncture & TCM can help with: Balance hormones. Build energy & vitality.Resolve pain & dizziness.

More than just needles - Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses a way of life. Your skilful acupuncturist will give you home advice and maybe a herbal remedy to continue the healing. Cupping, moxa, laser (needle-free acupuncture) or massage may also be included.

Neurological & Vestibular Rehabilitation

What neurological & vestibular rehabilitation can help with: Dizziness. Chronic pain. Migraines.

We’ll help you use your brain’s ability to learn and adapt. You’ll tap into your brain’s learning ability using specific exercises and therapies. Your treatment may involve muscle strengthening and coordination, eye tracking, mirror therapy, balance training, and cognitive exercises.


What neurofeedback can help with: Migraines. Concussion. Brain fog. Stress.

Biofeedback is a safe, medication-free, fun therapy suited for both kids and adults. Kids play games controlled by their brain and adults enjoy sitting back to watch a movie or documentary. We measure body functions - like heart rate variability, breathing or brainwaves. You’ll get cues to strengthen brain connections and train your body and brain to be aware of what it feels like to be healthy and relaxed.


What psychology can help with: Trauma. Anxiety. Depression. Grief.

Psychologists are trained to understand how you think, feel and learn. You’ll be invited to share your experiences. You’ll reflect. We’ll help you understand the connection between your physical and psychological self. And resolve conscious and subconscious problems.


What counselling can help with: Relationship difficulties. Postpartum blues. Adjusting to life changes. Stress relief.

Counselling is a journey to self healing. You’ll learn strategies and solutions to cope with your feelings but also understand why you are experiencing those difficulties. You’ll share your story and experiences and be given ‘homework’ when you are ready. You’ll explore and get a greater understanding of your mind body connection.

Clinical hypnotherapy

What clinical hypnotherapy can help with:  Quit smoking. Reduce anxiety. Control weight. Deal with phobias.

Hypnosis is used to rewrite our negative, self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts. When you are in a relaxed state, positive affirmations will be repeated. This is a literal therapy to retrain your subconscious thoughts to be more empowered and fulfilling. To realise you are enough. You are strong and capable.

Getting to Body & Brain Centre from Essendon

By car from Essendon

Drive down Mt Road which will turn into Ascot Vale Road and the Moonee Ponds junction. We are 200m up the road. Super easy!

By public transport from Essendon

Tram: Take the 59 tram down Keilor Road into Mt Road. Get off at Moonee Ponds Junction, Stop 33. We are a 190m walk from the tram stop.

Getting to Body & Brain Centre from Strathmore

By car from Strathmore

Drive down Pascoe Vale Road which turns into Ascot Vale Road at the Moonee Ponds junction. We are just up from the junction.

By public transport from Strathmore

Take the 469 Bus from Loeman St in Strathmore. You’ll arrive at the Moonee Ponds interchange. We’re a 290m walk away.


Available rebates include:

Medicare rebates

You might be eligible for Medicare rebates for Chiropractic & Dietetic appointments. Medicare will pay for the majority of your consultation fees but there’s still a small out of pocket expense.

Private health insurance rebates

We offer on the spot rebates for most services - swipe your card and just pay the gap. No need to run around with receipts. Private health rebates are claimable for extras cover for Chiropractic, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Dietetics.

There’s great variation between policies and companies. So check with your fund if you have questions about how much you’ll get back. From our experience, rebates can range from 15% to 100%.

We care for Essendon and Strathmore locals

Essendon and Strathmore locals visit us because we genuinely care and love what we do. We’ll go the extra mile to see you healthy - whether that’s conceiving, getting back to work or being happier. 

Make a booking

Make a booking: if you have a chronic problem, choose our Free Health Care Plan consultation.  

Contact us if you have any questions.